Saturday, October 31, 2009

A New Step

So, its like this: In July of 2009, early July, I decide to start jogging. I am 54, overweight and have not jogged for close to 30 years. I have not been entirely lethargic – I was riding my hybrid bicycle a few times a week and I would paddle my kayak at least a couple times a week. But I was inspired to run – maybe more than that later.
My doctor was all for it, told me of course to take it easy and I even asked for a stress test at the local hospital. I was on a beta blocker and I even phoned the doctor’s office (Not my doc, but the one administrating the test) and asked if should go off them for the test and was told no - maybe more on that later as well.
So, I start to run 30 seconds , walk for two minutes, walk for 30 seconds, walk for two minutes and so on for 30 minutes. Again, maybe more about that later. But by October 17th I can run 30 minutes at a shot. I prefer ten and ones but no matter, I am a runner. Four times a week, I run. I love it. It relieves stress. I feel good. I sign up for the Resolution Run in Ottawa for New Year’s Eve.
I am out for a run on the late afternoon of October 21st and right near the end I get a bit of chest pain. On the pain scale it barely registers, it is maybe more of a pressure. I tell my wife that I have a bit of muscle pain – a not very smart or clever lie. I swallow a couple of aspirins – not for the pain but just in case that it is a heart thing. I seem to recall somewhere on the information highway that there is a positive connection between heart attack aversion and ASA.
By some alignment of stars and the Higher Power I had an appointment with my doctor first thing in the morning. Long story short – my Monday I am getting a myocardial perfusion scan, complete with treadmill. I luck into radioisotopes from South Africa. I even hit (almost) by target of 155 beats per minute. And then things become interesting. The internist administrating the test asks if I feel any pain and his eye brows arch when I say no.
It seems like I have some sort of blockage. No running, no cycling, no walks …. nothing. So, that is why I am writing this blog. I just want to keep track of the journey. It is going to be personal and boring , very boring. But for my own sanity I gotta keep track.