Sunday, August 14, 2011

Well if I add my cycling, I as of today, have covered about 173 or so Camino kilometers. I have walked, I have run, I have paddled, and of course cycled. The goal of this was to listen and to see how Jimmy and I are getting along.

I am starting to learn that I am not a good listener as I let noise get in the way. My biggest noise is myself or , to break it down, my self, or to put in even better terms, my ego. I know I have ego problems because I always tell myself (and whomever else listens) that I do not have an ego and that is the surest sign that I have an ego problem.
So what is ego - well I like the definition that ego is actually an acronym so here it goes EGO = Edging God Out or Easing God Out. The only way that I can get my feeble little mind around God is to think of God as SOAPE or Source Of All Positive Energy. (I have said this before, but I am just posting this again in case on of my legion of followers is leading their life and forgotten) .

As I walk this virtual Camino Trail I see and hear and feel trees, leaves, grasses, raindrops, thunder, lightning, clouds, blue sky, stars, moon, sun, planets, birds, bugs, butterflies, flowers, bees, dragonflies, turtles, seeds, wind, heat, coolness, shadow, pebbles, stones, rocks, cliffs, mushrooms, toadstools, frogs,moss, fungus, rivers, waterfalls, fish, cats,dogs, and The Beagle. What a list!

But it is not good enough for me ... I ignore that list and look at the Dow and the TSX and the price of gold. I am nothing but a baby monkey that likes the shiny pebbles. Jimmy says I am a chump and need think of the list of value that SOAPE has put in front of me. If I ignore that list then God will think that I don't want it or need it and figure that he can take it away without me even missing it.

No nature but the TSX goes up a thousand points. Wow!!