Monday, March 21, 2011

Personal Inventory Time:

I was doing fine on the abstinence from meat thing until about 6:30 pm today. I was invited to a simple dinner to share with friends but, as the simple dinner was served it was chicken and rice. Common sense and good manners trumped my need to follow my “rules” blindly so I enjoyed the deliciously fowl meal (this is my blog so the humour can be as bad as I like)

I did say no to the carrot cake offered for dessert so I am batting 1000 in the No Sweets reflection of gratitude although I did partake in a Hot Chocolate to warm up one day.

The bread thing has been a bit of a challenge as I have been on the road a fair amount and often the quickest and most practical thing to do is have some kind of sandwich. Maybe the bread thing was not that smart a thing to focus upon.

In the same traveling and on the road vein I have had salmon at least on two occasions. As bad as that fish can be from an environmental stance (Norway to Germany to China to British Columbia to Ontario) it sill seemed the best choice on the menus that I was being presented. But I am going to try a potato / sardine cake on the weekend – I will see how that goes.

As for the running – well I am back on the tyranny of the clock. I have signed up for a 5 K race and am going to running classes at my health clinic. They have us on timed walk and runs and I am doing four and ones this week.

But more later …….

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Not being Catholic, or not having the pleasure of really wearing any formal religious mantle I have complete freedom to ignore Lent which of course means I will not.
Here is what I am doing for 40 days:

– One cup a day of Small Producer and Roaster coffee in the morning to be aware of the wonder of the drink, that it connects you to a part of the world that is the same and yet different from Canada. Purchasing and drinking the coffee still helps small producers, coffee does have health benefits, and yet drinking it in a limited way makes you mindful of the distance that it travels and that not everybody can get it.
Meat – Abstaining from all meat unless it is from Renfew County. This is better for the environment and supports the local farmer who we will desperately need in the near future.
Fish – Fish like sardines and anchovies can be eaten in unlimited quantities. No salmon, no large fish. Frozen fish in our freezer and canned fish in our pantry is acceptable.
Bread – Only home baked bread in mindful quantities.
Sweets – No cakes, pies, cookies, chocolates, candies(except throat lozenges if needed) , doughnuts, soda pop (artificially sweetened or not), etc.
Purchases - No purchases of books, clothing, downloads, electronics, appliances, etc., unless truly needed