Monday, July 8, 2013

Well after a long absence from this blog I have decided to launch back into it. From the start it was a log (I guess that is where the word "blog" comes from anyway) for a journey and it was intended to be a recording of personal thoughts that were mainly for me, somewhat for those that knew me, and then for whomever stumbled onto it. My ego is sufficiently inflated that I want to sound clever and bright and interesting all the time and I occasionally succeed so I am certainly successful in not achieving the all the time dilemma. So I am twisting this into becoming a running blog, at least for a while. The whole thing stated with a run, if I had not starting running I would have never had the heart congestion revealed to me in a relatively benign way, so running is part of what I am supposed to do. My aim is to run a Half Marathon in this year's 2013 Army Run in Ottawa. That is what I am going to write about and today is just a starting paragraph or few Back to writing for that one person .... me!

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