Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Last night, the last day of December and the last day of 2012 I did something that I had planned to do exactly three years previously. I had signed up to do the Resolution Run on December 31st, 2009 I had signed up to run the 5K - I even had a bib number : 672 but I could not run it. It was really this run that saved my life - if I had not decided to sign up for the Resolution Run of 2009 I would not have discovered that those blogged artery things and I would not have been on the journey. I have been running now since a Learn to Run in February of 2011 and now have no problem running 5 K on a regular basis. SO I am now shifting this blog to a running blog. Here is the deal - last night I ran the Resolution Run along the canal in Ottawa. Today was a rest day (also an open house day at our house) Will I run tomorrow? That is my will, but I have learned that my will is not the will that runs the world. But I am going to set out my plan, for formal runs this year: 10K - Carp Diefenbunker in May 2013 10K - Ottawa Race Weekend in May 2013 8K - Perth Kilt Run in June 2013 5K - McNab Braeside Tartan Run in June 2013 Distance To Be Determined - Ottawa Army Run in September 2013 Distance To Be Determined - Stittsville Nine Run Run in October 2013 5K - Arnprior Unity Run in October 2013 5K - Arnprior Solstice Run in December 2013 5K - Ottawa Resolution Run in December 2013 I had to put this in writing - now we will see what happens. Again I know my will but I am getting another stress test, hopefully in a couple of months, and we will see whose will gets carried out. My heart, my lungs, my knees, and most of all my acceptance shall be put to the test.

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