Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Well if you can believe Environment Canada and the outside temperature indicator on my car it was about minus 25 C tonight when I ventured to meet up my Wednesday Night Running Group. I was going to treadmill, but decided to go and see if anyone else showed up. One lady did but decided wisely to bale and I was waiting to see if anyone would show up and one lady did. Yikes! So we waited for 10 minutes and at 6:05 I set the Gymboss for ten and ones, hit start on the Suunto, pulled up the Buff over my mouth and nose, pulled down my Crazy Monkey Hat as far as it would go , and away we went. The sidewalks were rough, covered in ice and hard pack snow with bare concrete here and there. The streets were a bit better but despite reflective bands and lights we were cautious. We decided to run to the local aerospace plant and back – that would be 5K (almost) Well my fingers got cold despite gloves and I had to ball up my fists to keep warm. I pulled down the Buff as it was just getting covered in breath moisture and mucus (charming, I know) . Running was hard due to the surface conditions. But, Orion was in full glory rising up in the south east. Jupiter was on fire. The crunching snow and ice sounded like a Mariachi Band . And we talked, and postulated, and laughed. Before we knew it we were back . over 40 minutes but given the cold and the rough trail, not bad! We are runners in the night, breathing in the good air and exhaling even better air. We felt the night on our faces, and in our lungs, and in our hearts. We were alive!

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